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Ubud is a place which attracts creative people from all over the world, as well as those who are interested in self-knowledge, spiritual development, and fulfilling their limitless potential.

A large number of like-minded people together with the legendary energy of the island create a unique atmosphere which helps to unleash your best skills.

This is why we are launching our Station in Ubud. Those who have never been there may ask: 'Why not by the ocean?'. The experience of our fellows who are launching the Bali Smena, as well as the examples of tens and hundreds of other people prove that Ubud is the place for deep inner transformations which are worth coming and staying here for a while. It is here where many people get creative inspiration, find themselves, make a huge leap in their development. We want you to be able to experience all this first-hand!
Nobody can say for sure what the Smena in Ubud will bring you. You should certainly come and find out yourself! But what is guaranteed is that everyone will get what they need at this particular time of their lives.
Our Station
For this Station we are renting a gorgeous and cozy guest house in a quite place along the rice fields of Singakertha district
In our co-living:
✓ 8 simple and comfortable rooms with AC;
✓ restroom and a shower in each room;
✓ a large kitchen with all necessary supplies;
✓ huge swimming pool;
✓ a spacious common
and coworking area;
✓ unlimited 10Mbps
Wi-Fi Internet.
05.03 - 18.03
Two weeks. $320 per person, $480 per couple. (includes accommodation) This session happens during "the silent day", "effigy parade" and Balinese New Year.
An example of a day at Smena
Smena's schedule:
06.06 – sunrise jogging and Surya Namaskar
07.45 – breakfast together
08.15 – coworking time
11.30 – workshop "10 was to improve the website of your project"
12.30 – outside activities\mastermind session
18.30 – communal dinner
20.00 – movie time - "Pay it forward"
22.00 – noise out at the station!
A detox of body and mind
In order to make the most of the island energy and feel Ubud's creative atmosphere, we recommend that you keep your mind clean and clear, at least for the duration of the Smena. #Smenabali is a space free of alcohol, tobacco, and all kinds of drugs. We also advise you to, just as an experiment, try being vegetarian during the entire session.
Community will tell you where
✓ Practice yoga in one of the myriads of yoga studios.
✓ Check out the best vegetarian, vegan, and raw food restaurants.
✓ Enjoy a massage and SPA treatment which is much more affordable than anywhere ($6 per hour)
✓ Take a steam Russian bath in the middle of the Bali jungle.
✓ Swim in a 50-meter long Olympic swimming pool for less than a dollar.
✓ Shop in the best fashion boutiques and shops.
✓ Visit numerous art galleries of local and guest artists.
✓ Stroll through endless picturesque rice fields.
✓ Explore volcanoes, waterfalls, and churches in the northern part of the island, which is easier and faster to reach from Ubud rather than from the coastline.
✓ Participate in ceremonies and celebrations of local people.
What's included in your fair share
Fee includes accomodation in a shared (same gender) room for two people.

It also includes all the activities that are happening within the community and at the station during Smena - mastermind sessions, workshops, teambuilding events, meetups etc.

Couples get a room of their own.

If you are traveling alone and want a single room, your fair share would be an extra $75.
Your community awaits
Participation criteria
We will gladly accept you, if you:

  • Share the value of the community;
  • Older than 18 years;
  • You are doing a project that you are proud of OR
  • You have a remote job or you want to start it up;
  • Ready to try being sober and giving up meat for two weeks of Smena (see it as an experiment).
  • You can make your own visa, insurance and buy tickets;
  • Ready to spend 2 weeks at Smena;
  • You can hold a workshop or a lecture for participants
Application process
1. You fill out the application form
2. 5 minutes video call to get acquainted
3. We arrange the date of your arrival
4. You contribute 50% to book a place
Normally we respond to the application within 48 hours, sometimes earlier.
Team #smenabali
Kate Postovar
SMM jedi, insta-blogger, traveler, galvanizer and a happy mom
A human being is a jack of all trades. He copes with tasks quickly, creates projects, motivates others to change, and also changes diapers.

Katya makes nice posts and promotes accounts on Instagram, works on a project on personal development and growth together with Sasha and dreams of green marketing so that everything could be done with justice and for love.

She values sincerity and naturalness towards yourself and others. She will inspire you to do what your heart tells you and will share her knowledge. And also will give you a warm hug and give an ear to you if you wish.

'Travel changes you. If you do the right things while traveling, you find like-minded friends with whom your personal development moves into top gear. You acquire confidence, openness, and faith in the world. When surrounded by like-minded people, your wings start to grow and your life literally makes a U-turn. This is what happened to me after the Smena. I want you to experience something similar.'
Alex Postovar
Traveler, founder of lifelongtravel.ru, web-designer, founder of "Reflashing" coaching program of self-development.
'If somebody told me three or four years ago what my life would be now, I would have never believed it'.

During this relatively short period, Sasha changed his career, made a transition from office to freelance, and gradually came to the point where he started his own project. He also learned to travel nine months a year, launched a popular travel and personal development blog, became a vegetarian, started yoga and meditation practice, got married, and became a father in Bali.

Sasha is sure that everyone can change their life for the better regardless of the situation. And he is sharing this idea with other people through his own example and by all other possible means.

Sasha has spent almost a year in Bali. He has been living in Ubud all this time and considers this place to be the best compared to the other places in the world he's been to.
Why Ubud?
Scenic nature – rice fields, palm trees, jungles with lush tropical vegetation, rivers, and waterfalls.
Friendly local people who greet you with a smile and are happy to help you wherever possible.
Unique culture and religion with daily rituals, colorful ceremonies and marches. A mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism.
Creativity, beauty, and 'radical self-expression' is literally everywhere. Statues, pictures and all those designer items can be seen here and there.
Fresh local fruit and vegetables at affordable prices and a huge choice of healthy food products and healthy food restaurants.
People! A large community of freelance expats, creative people, and masters of spiritual traditions of all kinds.
Is internet fast?
Download speed 9-10mbps, upload speed - 3-4mbps. Also, Bali has really cheap and fast cellular data. We recommend buying a Telkomsel 12gb plan with a sim card that costs $5.
Is it possible to come for a shorter/ longer period?
Unfortunately no, Smena has a program and you must arrive and leave the house according to the schedule.
How to get to the Station?
Getting around the island by taxi is the easiest and the most relevant option. There is no public transportation as such in Bali. An approximate price for a taxi ride from the airport to Ubud is 250-300 thousand rupees. Don't forget to bargain ;) Another option is to get from the airport by a shuttle bus – we will send you detailed instructions by e-mail and in a group chat after your Smena is confirmed.
What should I take with me?
Bed sheets and towels are at the Station, but don't forget to take the necessary and hard to get prescription drugs and things like contact lenses. However most of the common goods are easy to buy in a local store.
Can I go with a friend / relative/ in couple?
Yes if only he / she also applies and is selected.
Is it possible to come with a pet?
Mark it in the application form, we will try do our best! (Your pet doesn't need to fill out another application form).
What's up with money? Credit cards?
You'll feel like a billionaire in Bali. $100 is more than a million USD. ATMs are very accessible and we advise paying with cash rather then cards as frauds are a common issue. We'll tell you where it's safe!
What are the prices in Bali and Ubud?
Prices here are very affordable especially when you know the places, and we will help you with this! For example, you can buy very cheap (two to three times cheaper than in a supermarket) fruit and vegetables in the morning market located 5-6 minutes away by bike. A kilo of mango costs $1, a banana – $0.05, a papaya - $0.75 and so on. An ordinary dish at an average vegetarian café (fried rice with vegetables) costs $3 on average. In a 'trendy and beautiful restaurant' a dish generally costs $4-5. In cafes for locals you can get a meal for $0.75 and even cheaper (but the food there is not always healthy).
How should I get around the Island?
Since there is no public transportation in Bali, your will need a bike or a car. You can rent both without any problems. If you are not planning to make many long-distance trips, renting a bike would be a more feasible option. For example, with a bike you will be able to avoid traffic which can be overloaded. To rent an average good quality bike (Honda Vario or Honda Scoopy) costs 700,000 rupees on average. This is very inexpensive in comparison to, say, Thailand. A liter of petrol costs around $0.5. To rent a car or a bike only a copy of your passport is needed.
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