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Greetings, friend!
Are you ready for adventure and new discoveries? We are opening the second season of #smenathai on the tropical island of Koh Phangan.

A newly built house for a new Station in a quiet yoga district, friends with whom you are don't know yet, insights and all other values of Smena community are waiting for you.

Do you think, that in paradise you can't work productively? We will convince you, that you can!
Over the past ten years, the island has become a mecca for those who choose freedom, success and development. These people create the local community. We offer you to become part of it, to live as a local and to make finally up your mind — do I want to stay on the island?
"You can live in a dream, and moreover, develop and grow, being an absolutely happy person. There are a lot of plans and ideas in my head, a lot of interesting new projects in the mail, waiting for me to take them into my own hands."
"Since I have ceased to be 14 years old, I always dreamed of turning the time back. To be back in the children's camp. Where are friends, play and fall in love, if not every day, then every other day. And Shift didn't fulfill this naive dream. This project did a lot more. This children's camp for adults gave me the kind of adventure that I had been looking for a long time."
"That feeling when you found the perfect workplace, and workday will end when you see the sun set in the sea.
Magical. That's what my days at Smena were like last year in Thailand and I wish I could come back again this year."
Our Station
Sri Thanu, Koh Phanghan

4 two-bedroom apartments, each with private bathroom, kitchen and balcony.
1 new

Comfortable and minimalist space in western style
2 coworking areas

Terrace in the backyard overlooking the jungle
10 minutes to the beach

Yoga center, 7/11 supermarket, cafes within walking distance.
Smena's typical schedule
Smena's schedule:
07.07 – acroyoga
08.45 – breakfast together
12.00 – lecture «How to fight procrastination» by one of the participants
13.00 – free time/coworking
18.00 – sharing circle at sunset on the beach
19.30 – dinner together
22.00 – evening activity on the beach
23.00 – noise out
We will tell you where:
  • Is the cheapest and most delicious Pad Thai
  • To take a hammam with herbs after a working day at Smena
  • Are the best places for diving and snorkeling
  • Are those famous parties till dawn and how to get there
  • To find your own happiness (just kidding, you will figure it out on arrival)
Your community awaits
Smena is a non-profit project. Our main mission is to create a community and good living and working conditions for professionals working remotely.

The cost of attending a three-week session is $350 and includes accommodation in a shared (two people) room. Couples - $500 for two people.

If you prefer a single room it will be an extra $75 per session.
Current dates for English-spoken Smena in Thailand are:

19.02 - 11.03

Participation criteria
We will gladly accept you, if you:

  • Share the values of the community;
  • Older than 18 years;
  • You are making a project that you are proud of;
  • You have a remote job or you want to start it up;
  • You can arrange your own visa, insurance and tickets;
  • Ready to spend 3 weeks at Smena;
  • You can hold a workshop or a lecture for other participants during your session;
How do we select participants?
1. You fill out the application form
2. We make 15 minutes video call to get acquainted
3. We will arrange the date of arrival
4. You send 50% of your fair share to secure the space.
Normally we respond to the application within a week, sometimes earlier.
Why did we choose Koh Phangan?
The magic atmosphere of Koh Phangan Island, where wishes come true
Walking distance to the ocean
The opportunity to become local on the island immediately after arrival.
Productive everyday life in a convenient space and good WI FI
No tourist bulls * it!
Schedule that helps focus on work and evolving
Is it possible to come for a shorter/ longer period?
No, Smena has a program and you must arrive and leave the house according to the schedule.
Can you meet me at the ferry?
It's possible, but it's pretty easy to get to the Station on your own.
What should I bring with me?
We provide with bed linen and towels. Do not forget to take everything you need for work, traveler's insurance etc. You can always buy other necessary stuff in the store nearby, but if you need something special (like contact lenses), bring it with you.
Can I go with a friend / relative/ in couple?
Yes if only he / she also applies and is selected.
Is it possible to come with a pet?
Mark it in the application form, we will try do our best! (Your pet doesn't need to fill out another application form). =)
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